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Andy Wall - singer and guitarist
Andy Wall is a well-respected singer, guitarist and performer active on the UK folk scene for more than four decades now. Starting with under age visits to the Three Cranes Folk Club in Sheffield this was followed by long stints performing around Leicester, Bournemouth and the New Forest, East Yorkshire, Burton on Trent, Shropshire and the West Midlands and appearances at festivals far and wide. Over the years, Andy has also played in France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and South Africa.
For the last ten years and more Andy has been based in Cambridgeshire, where he has been closely involved in running the Ely Folk Club and the Ely Folk Festival (formerly Ely Folk Weekend) as well as playing gigs and floorspots at many folk clubs and festivals across the country with the occasional headline performance.
2008 saw Andy finally go into the recording studio, resulting in an album of 15 songs spanning the whole of his time as a folk performer. This was released in mid January 2009.